Instructions from the unicom advisor must be heeded!

For operations to the North all aircraft will start their take-off at a displaced position which will be marked with runway signs. It will be located North of the gazebo at the pond. Approximately 3400 ft. will be remaining. If a longer runway is needed, contact the unicom advisor and they will help clear the area required. This is due to the slight rise mid-runway which has prevented pilots and pedestrians from seeing each other, if the aircraft is taking off from near our driveway. The displaced threshold should permit better runway visibility. Pedestrians crossing the runway to go to the hangar, will do so ONLY in front of the unicom stand directly to the hangar. Please obtain permission first from the unicom advisor. Please inform any of your non-aviation guests about aircraft and runway safety, and accompany any of them who are slow walkers. Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times.These small changes should pose no inconveniences.


  • SCORPIONS are hiding under anything damp.  Be Careful!

  • All air traffic must enter / use left hand pattern, including fly-bys and foto flights. Monitor 122.9 for traffic. Remember some aircraft may not have radios, so stay alert!
  • Please, no "buzzing" of local homes and farms. (We've had complaints!)
  • Ultralights and gyro-copters may turn right after takeoff and stay to the right of the runway, not over the runway, for your flying - once you are ready to land please enter the normal left hand pattern altitude (1110' msl) and follow behind all aircraft in sequence for landing. When taxiing for landing or takeoff you must also follow other aircraft in sequence.
  • All planes are to taxi on the west side of the runway and follow signs and the flagman's instruction. *** NO INTERSECTION TAKEOFFS *** This is for safer operation and to allow for incoming and outgoing traffic, less tie-ups. No low aerobatics, please. Any abrupt maneuvers or aerobatics in the pattern will not be tolerated. However, we do encourage fly-bys, Young Eagles rides, and buddy rides.
  • Be aware of moving aircraft on the ground! Look for aircraft landing or taking off before crossing runway and expedite your crossing - cross only at marked crossing with flagman's okay (between hangar and front row of planes on the southwest side). Children must have adult supervision at all times for safety's sake.
  • Pilots *** please shut down engine before loading/unloading passengers***
  • When camping or parking aircraft, remember trees do occasionally shed limbs. The Mason family is not responsible for any damage caused to aircraft for any reason.
  • A central campfire for all is provided in the picnic area. (bring your marshmallows and best campfire stories!) Please no individual fires. Self-contained camp stoves / lanterns / heaters / may be used. ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND FIRES ALLOWED BEYOND THE MAIN CAMPFIRE. WE HAD A REAL PROBLEM WITH THIS LAST YEAR.
  • This is a natural forest area - please use normal caution during camping or hiking around poison ivy / oak, falling branches, holes in the ground from armadillos etc, thorny vines, creepy crawlies, etc. You may even see deer, and other wildlife, which are native to this property